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The owner, by this agreement authorizes Weegee Antiques Inc. to sell at public auction the personal Property as per the general conditions hereinafter set forth.

  1. Auctioneer will attempt to obtain the highest price possible. However, the Property will be sold to the highest bidder without reserve, unless otherwise stipulated in this Agreement.

  2. Owner will pay Weegee Antiques Inc. a commission on each item of the Property sold based on the following schedule:
Successful Bid Price Item
Commission Rate
$1,001 & over

In addition, Owner authorizes Weegee Antiques Inc., as Owner's agent, to collect from the successful bidder and retain as an additional commission an amount equal to twelve (12%) of the successful bid price for each item of Property sold.

  1. If a consignor's dictated reserve price is established on an item and the t\item goes unsold, having not reached the reserve, a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) will be charged to the consignor. If the consignor accepts the Weegee Antiques Inc.'s suggested reserve and the item goes unsold, there is no charge to the consignor.

  2. Should a consignor wish to withdraw consigned item(s) within 14 days of scheduled sale of said lot(s), a fee of forty dollars ($40) per lot will be incurred.

  3. Any transportation costs incurred by Weegee Antiques Inc. in moving the Property to the auction gallery will be borne by the owner. Trucking $_____

  4. Owner herein authorizes Weegee Antiques Inc. to photograph each item of the Property as is necessary in Weegee Antiques Inc.'s sole judgement for proper promotion. All printing, advertising and auction expenses will be the responsibility of the Weegee Antiques Inc., unless otherwise stipulated.

  5. Storage if the Property prior to the auction will be the responsibility of the Weegee Antiques Inc. unless such goods are not as yet authorized to be sold. Property held awaiting court order or other contingency shall be charged a storage/handling fee. Unsold or withdrawn Property must be removed by the consignor within seven (7) days after the auction or charges will be assessed at $10 per item per day.


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